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Atmosphere Shift begins Today: 12/12… Genesis 12:12. You will not die you will live. Exodus 12:12. Will be Passover danger in your life Deuteronomy 12:12 You and your households will be joyful in God's presence. Joshua 12:12 You will defeat all your enemies 1 Samuel 12:12 A new and a better king will rule in your life. 2Samuel 12:12 The evil plans of your enemies will be made public. 1Kings 12:12 Your favours shall return to you. 2Kings 12:12 You will build your own house. So shall it be in Jesus Christ mighty name… Amen🙏 CTFL

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My life, family, City and Nation are filled with Gods love and light in Jesus name 🙏🏽 CTFL Pst Hilda

Stand For the Truth

If God be with you Who can be against you Stand for the Truth, regardless Don’t join the crowd, Celebrate Christ ! Now take a deep breath and Declare: I love you Lord Jesus with every breath! Take a m

Declare today

Needs Activates Faith ! Don’t be overwhelmed when confronted with a Need. Let your needs excite you and stir up faith in you. (Mark 11:22-23) Every need is an opportunity for you to overwhelm it with


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